Domestic water wells have been our mainstay historically and we continue to provide this service all over Kenya. A typical domestic well is drilled at 8” diameter and is lined with 6” casing in either mild steel or uPVC. These wells are designed to provide a water supply for a household or a series of households in a single compound.

  We do extensive work in this sector providing water for industrial installations as well as agricultural entities. A commercial water well is normally drilled at a larger diameter and may be constructed using high-efficiency screens and sometimes stainless steel casings. These wells are normally pumped at high discharge rates and need to be constructed to be able to sustain these high pumping rates without deterioration.

  We have a separate division for the initial equipping and after sales service for borehole pumping equipment. We are experienced in the supply, installation and maintenance of electric submersible pumps powered by mains electricity, diesel generator and solar/wind power. We can also provide the civil works required for the storage and distribution of the water.

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