Loadsafe ® is true to its name, offering safe, hands free cycling of drill pipe, collars and well casing for all Schramm Telemast ® rigs designed with tilting top head drives.

This automated system is fully intergrated into TXD rig rated at 200,000lb hoist, and is also offered as an option or retrofit for Schramm T200XD, T130XD and T90XD rigs used in energy, mineral exploration, mine rescue, large diameter municipal water well or deep hole geothermal drilling applications.

Loadsafe ® is fed from hydraulically operated pipe racks set up in the horizontal position, eliminating "crow's nest" safety concerns fou nd in traditional vertical pipe handling systems. Drill pipe or Range 3 casing is lifted from rack position into alignment with the tilting top head of the rig. A hydraulic roughneck on the rig eliminates manual tongs and the typical risks associated with their use while tripping drill pipe.

    a)Dedicated use tandem axle trailer is equipped with(8) 275/70R22.5 tires (44,000 lbs or 20140 kg rating) on 10 hole disc aluminium wheel.
    b)25k tandem axle air ride suspension,ABS brake, DOT lights, 12 volts electrical system and 2 inch (51mm) kingpin.

    a)Racks hydraulically raised and lower to roll pipes, collar and casing into feed or discharge position.
    b)Rack loading area width 166 inches (4.22m), with adjustable height from 47 inches (1.19m) to 77 inches(1.96m) to allow transfer of tooling from standard pipe hauling trailers.
    c)Racks can be positioned between pipes transport trailers, flat bed trucks or staging racks.
    a)Maximum tubular length 47 ft(14.33m) range III.
    b)Maximum weight capacity 5000 lbs(2268 kg)
    c)Tubular diameter upto 30 inches(762mm) with jaws removed.
    d)Maximum jaw size 17 inches(432mm)
    e)Side travel 8 ft (2.4m)

    a)Transport length 40ft (12.19m).
    b) Transport width with hydraulic pipe racks stowed 10ft 2 inches (3.1m).
    c)Weight of trailers only 24,500 lbs (11,113 kg) approximate.
    d) Weight of trailers and racks in stowed position 33,500 lbs (15195kg) approximate.
a) Hands free operations.
b) Range III casing capability upto 47 ft (14.33m) long.
c) Tubular range upto 30 inches (760mm) diameter.
d) Lift capacity to 5,000 lbs (2,268 kg).
e) Single or double sided pipe rack configuration.

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