EHS Policy

It is the policy of DRILLING SPARES AND SERVICES LTD that every employee, be provided with a safe and healthy work place, and that every employee comply with DRILLING SPARES AND SERVICES LTD’s Safety Policies, client policies, Government Laws, local rules and regulations. The company is committed to providing employees with the knowledge, skills and equipment needed to protect them and others while at work.

  • Knowledge: all employees are trained in a DSS Health and Safety induction program that is tailored to suit our standards.

  • Skills: We posses a highly skilled and motivated workforce who are happy to work abiding by our safety standards.

  • Equipment: used in DSS must be customized and fabricated to suit our specific safety requirements. Equipment goes through regular checks and is certified annually to ensure certainty of safe working production.

  • Work Process: We have created a set of policies and procedures that our staff are required to follow to ensure that we achieve maximum productive in a safe manner.

  • Standards

    DSS manages its operations via the application of a system of processes referred to as the “process approach”. ISO 9001 (Quality Management) promotes the use of the process approach. The process systems are audited through international standards that provide guidance to Environmental Management; ISO 14001. To comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements (prevention of injury or ill health) DSS subscribes to OHSAS 18001.

    DSS Safe Work Culture

    DSS thrives to develop a safety culture for its employees through conducting, regular trainings, tool box talks, DSS safety induction, Safety Observations and Corrective Actions (SOCA), a performance board that shows the productivity and safety trends. Safety and Production are inseparable, and every person is responsible and will be held accountable for both safety and production. Furthermore, everyone is responsible for his/her own safety and his/her own job performance.

    Fit For Purpose Equipment

    DSS has put in place a set of its own self-driven safety standards for its equipment. This ensures that our staffs are put at minimum risk when working with our equipment. These standards involve modification of the rigs. For example; 

  • For maintenance and services of the rig mast we have fixed a ladder with hooking points.
  • While working at heights on the rig we have fixed guardrails to protect ourselves from falling.
  • We have identified all movable or rotating parts and have fixed guards to protect from entanglement.

  •   During our operations we assign trained and competent staff to specific equipment [drilling rig, mud pump & mud collector, and compressor] to maintain our own standards. This practise increases tracking of equipment use, productivity and therefore we build a confident staff.

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