drilling spares and services

Drilling Spares and Services LTD is a private firm founded in 1989 by Mr. Kumar Pal Bhalla. Mr Bhalla was formerly the Chief Geologist in the Ministry of water in the Kenyan Government.

The company has grown to become the premier water well drilling company in East Africa and has undertaken both private and government works in Kenyan, Uganda and Tanzania. Drilling Spares today operates seven (7) rotary drilling rigs including two Foremost DR24 dual rotary rigs and a Schramm T130XD deep well rig. DSS also operates 4 test pumping units with pumping capacities of upto 400m3/hr.

Drilling Spares and Services limited operates a drilling rig manufacturing unit to cater for the needs of the water well market in Africa. The Simba range of water well rigs are designed to operate trouble free in the unforgiving terrain of remote Kenya and other regional countries. The deliberate use of simple but rugged technologies provide a machine of high capacity and superior maintainability

Drilling Spares and Services employs a staff of 85 personnel including Geologist, Mechanical Engineers, Engineering Workshop Technicians, Drillers, Site supervisors, Hydraulic Engineers and General Support Staff.

Drilling Spares and Services has become known in its native market as the drilling company to send in when anyone else has fail, this is due to the ingrained ethics that have filtered down from the top management to the most basic worker. The company strives to engineer solutions to challenging drilling problems and maintains a strong commitment to its clients.

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